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The clear, memorable shapes of Egyptian art are particularly well adapted to the needs of various handicapped groups within guided tours. The content of the tour can be individually tailored to suit the group when booking; and at the museum an experienced guide is there to take the visitors by the hand. This programme is financed by donations and is free of charge for the participants.

In our tours for the visually impaired and the blind, the tactile exploration of certain specific objects is the main focus of the tour. Apart from certain large-format monuments in the permanent exhibition, our “suitcase for the blind” contains fragments from the magazine and plaster casts of certain smaller, more delicate objects and is equipped according the subject of the tour. Our special hands-on gallery, “Grasping Egypt”, is naturally also integrated into the tour.

Tours for the hearing impaired and the deaf are clearly articulated and avoid the use of difficult or foreign words so as to facilitate lip-reading. If the group brings an interpreter, he or she is integrated into the tour concept. In tours for the mentally or psychologically challenged, imparting information is not as important as the emotional experience, the contact with the ancient originals. Years of experience have shown that Ancient Egyptian animal depictions are particularly well adapted to this sort of tour.

Tours should be booked for quiet times when the museum is not too full, at best for the mornings at 9:15 or on weekday afternoons. They are available in English and French.

Tours for the handicapped are sponsored by the Friends of the Museum and are free of charge. Handicapped in possession of a valid handicapped ID pay reduced entrance fees, accompanying persons marked on the ID are free.

A Barrier-free Museum

The museum is entirely wheelchair-accessible. Both of our underground levels are serviced by lifts.

Our front desk is equipped with an induction loop for wearers of hearing aids, as is our conference room.

A raised line on the floor can help guide the visually handicapped through our museum. Each room has a Braille ledge summarizing the subject of each gallery in key words (in German only).

Our special gallery “Grasping Egypt” gives hands-on information on Egyptian art (sculpture and relief), on the production process of an Egyptian statue and on the materials used (with the help of samples of Egyptian stones). A special audio tour on our multimedia guide (included in the entrance fee) starts automatically when entering the room in free-roaming mode and provides explanations for all the objects present there. It is available in German and English..


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Mo.-Fri. 9:00-11:00 AM, Wed. also 13:00-15:00 (1 to 3 PM)
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