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For over twenty years, the Egyptian Museum has offered guided tours for children of every age and every type of school. Our small team of young Egyptologists and senior students, under the aegis of our Museum Educator and Egyptologist Roxane Bicker M.A., handles some 350-400 groups per year. Our catalogue of tours is regularly updated and expanded to adjust to the curriculum and include new acquisitions and special exhibitions.

In addition to our guided tours, we also offer a series of workshopsworkshops expanding upon the subjects of the tours.

When coming with large classes (more than 20 students), we ask that you divide the class into two groups and book two tours: that way, the children can see the smaller objects better, encouraging concentration and interest and stimulating the dialogue between the tour guide and the students. Since our tours follow a predetermined circuit, both groups will receive the same information and all participants will have seen the same objects.

If you have booked a workshop with your tours, the class will be re-united for the workshop.

The following list is our standard catalogue of tours; we can offer various specific themes (e.g. for vocational or professional schools) on demand. Tours for children from integration classes, schools for the handicapped or curative education are also available; please be sure to discuss the content of the tour when booking. Unless otherwise noted, all tours last one hour (60 minutes). All tours are also available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Hungarian; please book well in advance and make sure you have alternate dates, as availability depends on the schedules of our foreign-language guides.

Themed tours

„Ancient Egypt 101“

All important aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture – religion, provisions for the afterlife, writing, language, daily life and kingship – are illustrated by the main objects of our collection. This tour is particularly well suited as an introduction to the subject or for a visit disassociated from the school curriculum, for example during a field day.

„Egypt and its Neighbours“

Three thousand years of shared history and cultural influence link Egypt and its neighbours. Following its first contacts with other lands, Egypt eventually became a world power, but was also often invaded by foreign nations. And after its decline, Egyptian culture survived within the land of Meroe in the Sudan.

„The One and the Many – Ancient Egyptian Religion“

Egyptian gods cannot be reduced to a single manifestation or function. Their nature varies depending on several variables such as their geographical location, the period studied or their textual context. The tour features not only large-format temple statues and cult images made of precious metals, but also smaller votive offerings and amulets. The role of the king in religion and aspects of the cult practiced in Ancient Egyptian temples are also explained.

There is a themed MPZ booklet available at our shop on the subject of this tour (in German).

„De-Ciphering Hieroglyphs“

As one of the most important aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture, writing played an important part in defining their beliefs about life after death – and in recording all aspects of this one: daily life, politics and religion. Inscriptions on stelae and statues are used to illustrate the most important categories of hieroglyphs and explain how the writing system functioned. The Egyptian scribe and his main writing materials, such as papyrus, are also discussed.

„Going Forth by Day“

Belief in a life after death and the hope of a better Afterlife is present in Ancient Egyptian culture from Prehistory down to the Roman Period. This is why tombs, along with their reliefs and statues, were made from lasting materials meant to endure for all eternity. The tomb furnishings – coffins, papyri, canopic jars and ushebtis – were meant to protect and accompany the deceased on his journey.

There are two themed MPZ booklet available at our our shop on the subject of this tour (in German).

„Eternal Images - the Art of Ancient Egypt“

Works of art – statues, portrait heads, small statuettes and reliefs – are the cornerstones of the collection of the Munich Egyptian Museum. This tour explains the underlying principles of Egyptian art, the basic types of statue, as well as the structuring of two-dimensional depictions in relief. The chronological circuit also illustrates the changes and developments in art over the course of three thousand years, from the Early Dynastic Period through the classical periods of the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms and well into the Graeco-Roman Period.

Upon request, it is possible to book an hour for sketching in the exhibition halls after the tour. Please note that only dry materials (pencils, chalks) are allowed.

„Pharaoh: Lord of the World“

The structure of the Egyptian state and its society is illustrated through statues and reliefs from the main periods of Egyptian history. The king’s double nature as Man and God and his position as mediator between humanity and the gods are explained, as are the duties of priests and officials.

„An Egyptian Menagerien“

Among the most imposing monuments of Ancient Egyptian art are the depictions of animals in statues, reliefs and statuettes. Cult images of precious metals and votive offerings of bronze show the importance of animals in depicting the Divine. Reliefs and models illustrate the place of animals in daily life as beasts of burden and sources of food. And that chimeric animal, the sphinx, proves that even Pharaoh could appear as an animal.

„Father, Mother, Child: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt“

The social structure of the Ancient Egyptian state is illustrated by the statues and reliefs from the great epochs of Egyptian history. The importance of family and the role and position of women – both in life on earth and in the divine sphere – are explained, as is the working life of scribes and artisans alike.

A special offer for integrative classes (“Übergangsklassen”): „Miller, Fisher, Scribe: Professions in Ancient Egypt.“

Welchen Berufen sind die alten Ägypter nachgegangen. Finden wir diese Berufe noch heute? Anhand von Darstellungen im Relief und in der Rundplastik gehen wir diesen Fragen nach.
Please note that, as this offer is specifically geared to the “Übergangsklassen” seeking to integrate into a German school, it is only available in German.
What professions were there in Ancient Egypt? Do these jobs still exist today? Using depictions in reliefs and statuary, we seek an answer to these questions. Hands-on material helps to introduce a useful vocabulary of modern professions.
In the practical part of the project, we delve deeper into the work of the scribe, learn to draw hieroglyphs and write our names like the Ancient Egyptians.

School Project „Be a Scribe!: Be a Scribe!“

Our project “Be a Scribe!” shows children what life was like for an Ancient Egyptian schoolchild.

This workshop is three hours long and merges practical activities with a theoretical background. A guided tour in the museum explains the basics of the hieroglyphic writing system as well as the scribal profession; in the scribal “school” the students follow in the footsteps of Jean-François Champollion, the decipherer of the hieroglyphs, try their own hand at writing hieroglyphs, discover various writing materials such as ostraca (limestone chips) and papyrus, make their own ink and write their “master piece” with a reed pen. At the end of the programme, they can craft a folder to hold their artwork.

Costs: 130 € for no more than 30 children.

Duration: 3 hours including a 15-minute break.


Please book at least two weeks in advance. Due to popular demand, please book for the weeks preceding the summer holidays well in advance.


Kosten für Führungen
Guided tour € 35.-
Workshop € 35.- + 1 € per child for materials
Admission to permanent exhibition free
Admission to special exhibitions please call for information

Changes and Cancellations

We must charge a fee of 5 € for any changes to previously booked tours. This sum is to be paid with the tour fee. Booked tours or workshops can only be cancelled in writing.

Cancellations to booked tours cost

Frist Kosten
up to 7 workdays before the tour: 10 €
less than 7 workdays before the tour 35 €


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