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We offer children’s programmes during almost all of the school holidays; they are also included in the Stadtjugendamt’s "Ferienpaß”. Hundreds of children take part each year; many of them become some of our youngest regular customers. In the course of the programmes, Egyptian culture is imparted in a fun way – after an overview of the originals, children can craft something to take home based on what they just learned.

In the Easter and Pentecost holidays, we offer two- or three-day courses are offered. Themes vary, though generally during the Pentecost holidays the children make costumes. Over the past few years, many priests, soldiers, kings and viziers have left the museum bedecked with the paraphernalia of their office.

The four weeks of the summer holidays have weekly themes, with different crafts every day. Some of the past themes include “In Pharaoh’s Court”, “A Journey to the Underworld” or “Egyptian Gods”. Every morning begins with a short tour, then the practical work: painting and glueing, writing on papyrus and making clay pots, drawings and the making of masks, ushebtis, canopic jars, flower garlands and diadems…

In the fall holidays, we generally offer one-day courses. And of course, there is our famous Hallowe’en tour, where little ghosts, witches and vampires learn the most horrifying stories from Ancient Egypt while touring a darkened museum by the light of their torches…

Our holiday programmes can be viewed in the events calendar.


The holiday programmes are aimed at schoolchildren 7 to 14 years old.

We ask a small sum (2-15 €, depending on the programme) from participants for materials. Participation in the various activities is reduced for children with the Munich Ferienpaß.


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