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In addition to our guided tours, we offer accompanying workshops expanding on the subject of the tour. The programmes last 1 hour each and cost € 35 + 1€ for materials. Classes that have been divided for tours can be reunited for workshops.

Please note that for educational reasons our workshops can only be booked together with a guided tour. They are ideal for schools, after-school clubs, holiday camps, youth groups and even kindergartens. Every child can take what they made home with them at the end of the workshop.

All tours are also available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Hungarian; please book well in advance and make sure you have alternate dates, as availability depends on the schedules of our foreign-language guides. Our hieroglyph workshop (“A Letter to the King”) has worksheets with the Egyptian alphabetical signs available in German, English and French; however, it can be booked for any children familiar with the Latin alphabet and numerals, as our educators will be on-hand to help. The same is true for the worksheet for “Stroke, Loop, Tadpole”.

Themed workshops

„Senet – a Journey into Eternity“

(recommended from primary school up)

The two-player board game called Senet was the most popular game in Ancient Egypt and is documented by numerous finds. In this workshop, we make our own Senet game box, including pawns and throwing sticks.

Can be combined with the tours “Father, Mother, Child”, “Going Forth by Day” and “Ancient Egypt 101”.

„Stroke, Loop, Tadpole? –Mathematics in Ancient Egypt“

available from 5th year up; it is, however, recommended that students be familiar with fractions )

The Egyptian mathematical texts are among the oldest surviving documents on mathematics. This workshop gives an introduction to the Ancient Egyptian number system and uses examples to illustrate normal calculations “Egyptian style”.

Can be combines with the tours “De-Ciphering Hieroglyphs”, “Father, Mother, Child” and “Ancient Egypt 101”.

„ A Letter to the King“

(recommended from 3rd year up)

We learn about the Ancient Egyptian writing system and write our names or even a whole letter on papyrus, the “paper” used by the Ancient Egyptians.

Can be combined with the tours “De-Ciphering Hieroglyphs” and “Ancient Egypt 101”.

„Protection for the Afterlife“

(recommended from 5th year up)

Rich Egyptians had themselves buried in several nested coffins, meant to protect the body for the life after death. In this workshop, we make our own Middle Kingdom coffins.

Can be combined with the tours “Going Forth by Day” and “Ancient Egypt 101”.

„In Animal Guise“

(recommended from kindergarten and primary school up)

Just as many Egyptian gods could appear in the shape of an animal, priests sometimes wore masks in the shape of animal heads. In this workshop, we will make our own masks of Egyptian gods.

Can be combined with the tours “The One and the Many”, “An Egyptian Menagerie” and “Ancient Egypt 101”

„Giving Life – Magical Figures“

(recommended from primary school up)

Figures in female shape, often reduced to their basic attributes, served to grant wishes for fertility and new life; at the same time they were thought to repel hostile powers and protect their owner from them. In this workshop, we make our own “paddle doll” based on the Egyptian originals.

Can be combined with the tours “The One and the Many” and “Ancient Egypt 101”

„The Gold of Meroe“

(recommended for 5th year up)

One of the most beautiful remains of the Meroitic culture is the gold treasure of Queen Amanishakheto, with its armlets, rings and pendants. In this workshop, we make our own Meroitic jewellery out of gold foil.

Can be combined with the tours “Egypt and its Neighbours” and “Ancient Egypt 101”.

„Vulture and Uraeus“

(recommended for primary school up)

Ancient Egyptian kings and queens wore many different types of crowns and headdresses. In this workshop, we learn about the different types of crowns and make our own royal diadem.

Can be combined with the tours “Pharaoh: Lord of the World” and “Ancient Egypt 101”.


Please book at least two weeks in advance. Due to popular demand, please book for the weeks preceding the summer holidays well in advance.


Kosten für Führungen
Guided tour € 35.-
Workshop € 35.- + 1 € per child for materials
Admission to permanent exhibition free
Admission to special exhibitions please call for information

Changes and Cancellations

We must charge a fee of 5 € for any changes to previously booked tours. This sum is to be paid with the tour fee. Booked tours or workshops can only be cancelled in writing.

Cancellations to booked tours cost

Frist Kosten
up to 7 workdays before the tour: 10 €
less than 7 workdays before the tour 35 €


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