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We offer training programmes for educators at regular intervals in cooperation with the Museumspädagogischen Zentrum (MPZ)), but it is also possible to book a course directly with us (up to 25 participants). Courses are free of charge; participants must pay the museum entrance fee. They cover various subjects:
  • Subjects from the curriculum, illustrated by objects in the exhibition, with an emphasis on common misconceptions rampant in literature (including textbooks!) and media
  • Introductions to our special exhibitions
  • Further training on a specific subject of your choice (for 5 participants or more)

Depending on the subject, the training will take place as a guided tour in front of the objects or as a lecture with a subsequent visit to the collection.

Training programmes are also available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Hungarian; please book well in advance and make sure you have alternate dates, as availability depends on the schedules of our foreign-language guides.

One more thing...

Why not take advantage of our courses when planning an outing for your educational staff? They will discover the Egyptian Museum’s unique atmosphere while gaining new ideas about integrating Ancient Egypt into their classes.

Materials for educators

Thematic booklets from the MPZ are already available covering certain aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture and can be purchased in our shop . The information labels for some of our previous special exhibitions can be made available as copies on demand.


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