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For visitors seeking more information on individual objects, the museum offers a multimedia guide that can be taken out at the front desk (free on weekdays for adults, 1€ on Sundays and for children under 18).

English-speaking visitors can choose between a free-roaming mode, currently consisting mostly of slide-shows and short videos elucidating individual objects, and a guided tour of our highlights combining audio and visual information.

The audio guide to our room “Grasping Egypt”, specifically conceived for the visually handicapped, is available in English in full and starts automatically in free-roaming mode.

The English version of our audio guide is updated regularly.

Some examples

  • The Statue of Nesmontu
    (from the room “Grasping Egypt”)

  • A Glass Vessel
    (from the Highlights tour)

  • A Jasper Head of a King
    (from the Highlights tour)

  • Fragment from a Statue of Akhnaten
    (from the Highlights tour)

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